15 years of shooting career summed up the four major focus on photography

15 years of shooting career summed up the four major focus on photography

15 years of shooting career summed up the four major focus on photography
Patrick Beggan, a professional photographer in the United States, has taken landscapes, portraits, and activities. He has some experience and experience during his many years of filming career and hopes to share. So he wrote an essay to explain briefly. Or you can look at what other people get, canvas prints new zealand will also be some help to yourself.

1. Photography is the way to communicate with the audience

When I take a photo, I hope I can use this image to tell a story and take a picture of ‘What do I think about this attraction? ‘ ‘I think the most beautiful corner of the city’ is not purely a shutter. Also hope that the viewer not only sees the picture itself, but will have a deeper experience and feelings. If photos do not convey ideas, I feel like i wasting time.
The importance of a single photo

In the initial stage of shooting, I will take many, many photos, because I think this is a good way to shoot good photos. However, over time, the idea changes slowly. Instead of pressing the shutter button constantly, it takes longer to take a picture. For example, when shooting a landscape,, Observe, think and feel more before shooting.

3. You take pictures of yourself, not to please others

It is certainly pleasant to listen to other people’s opinions. However, the final decision still falls on your hands. In the end, you only know what you wish to shoot. If you look at others’ opinions too much, you will lose yourself and never get good pictures. In fact, most of the pictures taken by others do not necessarily reflect interpreted by the photographer. There are always one hundred views on a hundred people. This should not be a problem for the purpose of your filming and philosophy.

4. Photo is a refinement, simplified

If 100% of the ‘reality’ is restored, it cannot be called a photo at all. It is pointless and unreasonable to simply move all things / images onto a single plane. Each form has its limitations, to make good use of this restriction, streamline the screen, bring out the center of the idea, the focus of the picture in order to make the image into art.

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