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15 years of shooting career summed up the four major focus on photography

15 years of shooting career summed up the four major focus on photography
Patrick Beggan, a professional photographer in the United States, has taken landscapes, portraits, and activities. He has some experience and experience during his many years of filming career and hopes to share. So he wrote an essay to explain briefly. Or you can look at what other people get, canvas prints new zealand will also be some help to yourself.

1. Photography is the way to communicate with the audience

When I take a photo, I hope I can use this image to tell a story and take a picture of ‘What do I think about this attraction? ‘ ‘I think the most beautiful corner of the city’ is not purely a shutter. Also hope that the viewer not only sees the picture itself, but will have a deeper experience and feelings. If photos do not convey ideas, I feel like i wasting time.
The importance of a single photo

In the initial stage of shooting, I will take many, many photos, because I think this is a good way to shoot good photos. However, over time, the idea changes slowly. Instead of pressing the shutter button constantly, it takes longer to take a picture. For example, when shooting a landscape,, Observe, think and feel more before shooting.

3. You take pictures of yourself, not to please others

It is certainly pleasant to listen to other people’s opinions. However, the final decision still falls on your hands. In the end, you only know what you wish to shoot. If you look at others’ opinions too much, you will lose yourself and never get good pictures. In fact, most of the pictures taken by others do not necessarily reflect interpreted by the photographer. There are always one hundred views on a hundred people. This should not be a problem for the purpose of your filming and philosophy.

4. Photo is a refinement, simplified

If 100% of the ‘reality’ is restored, it cannot be called a photo at all. It is pointless and unreasonable to simply move all things / images onto a single plane. Each form has its limitations, to make good use of this restriction, streamline the screen, bring out the center of the idea, the focus of the picture in order to make the image into art.

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8 parts to shoot sexy girls

8 parts to shoot sexy girls

The beauty of the female body is photographers never tired of the shooting theme, but also a film extreme object. Excellent photographers can show beautiful women through the lens body, and ordinary photographers may not always take out the work of the ‘vulgar’ hat.
Emotional but not vulgar sexy photo how to shoot? These eight parts of the shooting skills you must not miss.

1, lips
The world has never been a lack of a good description of a woman’s lips: lips between the jade teeth, Ying Ying Ying Ying. Romantic love words lingering in the lips, the temptation of the infiltration of breath. Woman’s lips, sexy and charming.
Want to shoot a sexy lips, the note to make the mouth slightly when shooting, revealing vaguely in the red lips of the teeth. When necessary, you can add some props as a supplement, small pieces of fruit, delicate flowers, can bring out the lips attractive.

2, the mandible
Clear sense of the line so that the mandible became a photographer shooting characters preferred shooting point.
When shooting, it is best to raise his head, the one to avoid double chin, and secondly, to allow the mandibular lines and neck lines together, so that the overall look more smooth and natural. If the light is sufficient, the shadow of the mandible to the chin will make the photo look more mysterious and charming.

3, neck to the chest
Girls like thin, chest position can be regarded as the body’s most ‘skin paste bone’ position it! Flat and compact skin, looming ribs, this location provides us with endless imagination.
Shooting, the front and side shooting can be Da, but the front of the screen when shooting to pay attention to the blank, do not let the whole piece of skin full of the screen. If you want a more sexy and seductive effect, may wish to look at the sport before the shooting point of sweat, or spray water for artificial water droplets can get the same effect!

4, after the neck neck
After the neck is an elegant forbidden, usually always be blocked by a hair and not easy to be noted here, the United States. White slender neck full of sexy temptation, on this point, the beauty of women’s body has a thorough study of the Yamato national long to be certified with kimono. The whole body are wrapped in kimono, only exposed neck skin lines.
When shooting, just bow, so gentle pouring.

5, clavicle
How many girls are dreaming of a good collarbone, wearing a collar collar clothes, wearing a necklace, the beautiful clavicle suddenly enhance the elegance of the whole person. Moderate depth of the bone socket, clear straight lines, fresh and not greasy, no wonder some people say that the most sexy woman is the clavicle.
Shooting may wish to put some small flowers on the clavicle grass props for this clean sexy add a little tenderness.

6, half of the shoulder
Sleek lines of the United States, so that shoulders among the sexy body parts list, a large smooth skin also provides more creative space. Whether it is to let the light spilled, or is depicted in the above pattern, the shoulder will not let people down.
Shooting, the exposed part of the number will bring different effects. Nudity of the skin, of course, enough sexy, but barely exposed a small part of the skin, to retain the imagination, make photos look more temptation.

7, back
The back is rarely exposed in daily life, so keep the most new sense of life, whether it is the color of the skin, or skin texture.
When shooting, there are two directions, can harvest two different feelings of beauty. So back arch, to highlight the vertebral bone, showing the outline of the back; if the back straight to make it shrink, dorsal groove lines and the formation of the shadow to show the soft beauty of women.

8, hand
Everyone must not be around the lack of manual control. Slender white fingers can shape a different line shape, thin wrist in the looming hand bone pulling you.
Shooting, just let your fingers flexible enough to bring sexy

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Five Tips for Shooting Cute Kids

Five Tips for Shooting Cute Kids

Children are good subjects, but they are full of energy, like running around, the shooting is a challenge. This article will introduce you to some practical tips for shooting children to deal with these situations.

First, let the children stay in the corner

I found a good corner (my favorite brick wall) is very useful for shooting kids who like to run around – let them run nowhere. Of course, this can not prevent them from your legs ‘escape’, but usually this has been able to give me enough time to take pictures. When they run away, we will return to the corner.

Second, Ban enough

Let the child’s feet off the ground can give you a certain amount of time to shoot. But at most only 20 seconds. This is already a long enough time for a child, so be ready to shoot in advance. When we took this picture, we put him on a waste tire, temporarily left the ground. He was very satisfied with this thing, very fit to let me take a few photos.

Third, with a toy

Children are not interested in you, but all like toys. If you can prepare some popular toys, you have been on the road.
Fourth, do not let parents appear too much

I rarely take family photos. I only focus on small children. Have you noticed that in the cartoon baby dolls, although there will be parents, but never exposed above the knee part? This is done on the premise that your shooting height are maintained at the child’s level. I also like to deal with this, in some photos only appeared to guide her mother to walk the hand.

Five, shouting

I like the location. The left is the fence, the right is the woods, there is not much free space running around. I will let them run forward, at the appropriate time to shout their names, and wait for the little guy back to the moment. Let them play, when you feel about the same time, shouting their names. But can not do too much, if you call too many times, they will ignore you. According to my experience, the best chance is often only once, lucky, maybe twice

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How to use the shadow to shoot street blockbusters

How to use the shadow to shoot street blockbusters

In the landscape photography, it is very important to grasp the camera ‘golden moment’. In the streets, canvas prints but also has many golden moments, in fact, very much the golden time, at each time there are a lot of light and shadow material can be used. Today, we came to the streets, playing shadow games!
During that time, I used my own way to establish a unique connection with that bank …
Different seasons at what time there will be the most beautiful light, I recorded the footprints on the beach down.
Perhaps the footprints will disappear, but the memory is always retained.
Let me leave at night to go back and see it.
Love to take pictures of you may often in photography teaching book e read:
‘Some specific moments of the day are the best time to take pictures!’
There will be such a reason.
For the shooting of the friends, because those times when the light is full of drama, easy to take out the color saturation and all levels of photos.
The wandering in the streets of us, this time the light, like a street ghost are evoked the same, a variety of interesting shadows will appear at this time.

Like the running picture, I only put the shadow of the spectator on the screen e, instead of putting them in the composition, except that the posture of the runner becomes a shadow on the ground. In addition to trying to add a little taste to the picture, the intention is to imply that countless onlookers in real life, especially those who make sarcastic remarks, actually have a ghostly presence, and we can believe that they exist and fear themselves, or You can also listen to the story as a laugh.

Have heard the elders at home said: ‘Eat fruit to eat the season. This sentence? This sentence can actually be a little bit of it distorted, used in the streets. In each moment, we have to use that moment of light as the material creation, because each time the light quality is not the same, these photos to the photo texture to bring decisive differences. The picture below is about 1:00 noon shooting, when the light is the top, is definitely not recognized as a good time to take pictures, but this time a strong and hard light also can be represented on behalf of very strong, and not excessive The elongated shadow. So a little down the lens, along the light reflection can be a rich picture. This photo is very honored to get the collection of the United States Museum!

The same concept is also used in the back of the photo, this is the Kyoto afternoon shot, but it is not like the traditional Kyoto photos, full of retro and old taste, but the use of afternoon light strong light contrast to create Looks almost 2D screen. When taking pictures in one place, unless it is necessary to work, or do not need to care about the established image of a place, if you can take a great contrast with the established image of the image, but from a pile of similar photos which jumped out, People are impressed.

Shadow can also be how to use it? At this time we can also use the strong light to do some unique images. Afternoon of the urban areas, often some light naughty from the middle of the gap between the two buildings drilled, on both sides of the black, is a huge shadow of the floor. This time in fact, as long as the appropriate exposure to adjust the appropriate value, then only luck to lead a handsome vehicle through, or waiting for a play can appear!

The concept of shadow can also be used in buildings, such as the following photos: the eagle outside the room or escaped escalator by the sun exposure, in the original plain wall painted interesting patterns, which are in the streets very Wonderful moment, missed a pity.

Integrated above mentioned, want to have a strong light, must be in sunny sunshine is strong, the photographer himself must be familiar with the different seasons of light at different times, so that, just look at the weather, it You can know what direction to go along the street hunting, and will increase the number of good photos to take the opportunity.

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Make good use of the sun to shoot professional photos

Make good use of the sun to shoot professional photos

Whether you’re shooting portraits, landscapes, canvas prints online nz or other subjects, sunlight is also a loving and hateful light, and while it is possible to give the subject plenty of light, its uncertain light direction (and intensity) is often a headache. How to make good use of the sun to shoot professional photos? Here are three methods, together for reference!

First, backlit shoot soft feeling
‘Backlit’ is the light source behind the main body, but the exposure is subject to the subject, shoot out of the photo background will be exposed, but the main exposure is normal, this can make the photo out of a soft feeling, if it is shooting portraits, More can be photographed from the side of the seepage, shiny golden effect! More backlit shooting techniques can refer to this and this article.

Second, shoot a silhouette
Like the first point of shooting settings, but the exposure is in the background (sky / sun) prevail, so if the subject with the background light difference is large enough, the main body will become a silhouette! Sometimes you can also deliberately dim the overall exposure (such as in the aperture priority mode using-EV method) to make the silhouette more prominent, there should be noted that the focus needs to fall on the main body. Silhouette profile can remain sharp.

Third, the use of flash or reflective plate fill light
If you want to take a clear subject and the background and maintain the correct exposure, you can try using the flash or reflector for the main fill light, so you can ‘best of both worlds’! Some students will be very worried about the flash will make the photo look very ‘false’, in fact, as long as the flash color using color paper or filter to adjust to the background color with the same light can, of course, can adjust their own efforts to make flash into the background Light can be a!

Fourth, some of the main points of shooting direct sunlight
1, auto focus may be invalid
As in a very dark environment, like shooting in the sun when the autofocus may fail, then you can first block the sun by hand, half-press the subject of re-composition, or direct use of manual focus can also be.

2, white balance may be affected
In the bright white balance may be affected, you can take a few sheets to adjust the white balance, or shoot RAW files to modify the white balance on the computer.

Make good use of the sun to shoot professional photos

3, do not shoot the sun for too long
For a long time to make the camera straight son, have the opportunity to damage the sensor, so do not let the camera for a long time toward the sun ah!

4, carefully consider the time of shooting
If you have time to plan your trip, consider the location and impact of the sun at different times, such as the sun at noon often in the head, will make people face the formation of ugly shadows; and the evening sun will be warm Color, camp into a special feeling.

5, the use of other ‘external light source’
the fill light does not have to use the flash, you can carefully watch other external light sources, such as water, glass, reflective, or street lights, flames of light, you can make your work more features!

6, after the system of magic
To balance the light difference between the sky and the subject, you can also use the same approach as HDR, is the same scene to take two photos in response to the background and the main different exposure, and then use software (such as Photoshop) together, of course, you can RAW File on the production of similar results

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How to take a DIY photo of your watch

How to take a DIY photo of your watch
We shot in the first section of a single product, canvas prints nz based on a number of background props with creative photography. We will continue the first section of the clothing light ideas, with soft light to describe the texture of the product. However, this should change the background for the black, and add props. Follow the photographer to get started!

1. To see the light level, canvas prints online and is not the same on the one section? Yes. But because this section to include the background inside the screen, so the top of the soft paper size for large, to ensure that the screen products in the reflection of the band do not appear environmental Zangjing.

2. In the previous section on the front side to take care of the right side of the strip surface light, this time also with the location of the table changes and move.

3. But only the right side of the lamp cannot take care of the table. Why? Because the background floor has been replaced by black, black is a strong light-absorbing body, so no ambient light reflects the side edge of the table.

4. So, we add a white cardboard in the light shed, hook the edge.

5. To brighten the watch, the reflector must appear in the camera lens, but this is not an issue. We take two photos, the latter with the Mongolian version of the whiteboard to cover the background of the stone blocks to restore it.

6. The basic light is put in place.

7. Finally, the computer checks the light level, to see where the need for post-repair.

8. The first lens, the mirror to go through the screen. The second lens, not to help the screen. We will be the context of this one and a watch on the bottom of the synthesis. Only need to use a mask to erase the last of the reflector, the two will be combined into a seamless photo friends. This process takes only 5 to 10 seconds.

9. Now, we post-process the image. Of course, the steps before the analysis of photos, you will feel too bright dial, will feel a black belt is not beautiful. Right?

10. Please use the techniques we explained in the chapter on ‘Jewelry Photography’ to hook out the black tape, feather it, and then utilize the smearing tool to repair it. Then, Screen processing. I sincerely hope that he is a professional revisionist, then it will ‘draw’ a more delightful than here with the effect of light. At this time, you will figure out a lot of practice in peacetime how important. However, I have only 10 minutes here for you to demonstrate, because I have to modify a lot of text.

11. Finally, I hooked out the dial alone, with the curve tool pressure back, the picture is complete

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Shooting delicious food photo


Turn over the recipe was dirty sauce, with the steps in the book, step by step to complete the delicious dishes, and then personally recorded through the camera down, uploaded to the micro-micro-blog and share cooking experience seems to have become a lot of modern One of the fun of life, of course, photography is one of the people Yujie, he and everyone to share with you how to shoot a Japanese air full of delicious food photo skills.

Our family often uses more leisure time to do more special dinner, because special, so often need to look at recipes to cook out, so compared to the general cuisine, need to spend more time, to the next effort More. After the hardships to complete the delicious dishes if not modified with the wobble plate to pick up the camera at random does not constitute a pity.
In fact, before the production industry is the most important, first of all first to find a place with natural light, the windows open, so that the sun overflows the entire space, where you become a dedicated studio, And then began to carefully decorate it!

Covered with tablecloths, put a wooden spoon full of natural sense of simple wooden fork, come up with a place for the most favorite place, complete the above steps, not far from the good-looking photos.
When taking photos, please try to use natural light, boldly rely on it! Because I used to rely on the window shot, so usually the light is from the nine o’clock direction into the room, often cooked in the evening when the sun is ready to go down, and the light becomes weak, then do not trust yourself too The stability of both hands, stand on the tripod it! As long as the screen do not shake, even if the overall picture looks dark does not matter, because each time the light changes can bring people a different feeling, but also because of this, the atmosphere of the dinner are different, photo content and emotion Are enriched a lot, but also closer to life.
In addition to using the cloth and background to create a studio can be used as a medium to create the overall atmosphere of imagination, in fact, the use of existing material will be able to make a whole visual experience. Simply put, is to use the entire home as a studio, the food with the background of the film, do not need to create, the use of ingenious composition can show a disorderly and orderly feeling.

Organic light can also shoot the texture of food.
Every room of the home light is different, there are dark and bright, so you can shoot a more diverse atmosphere, of course, is the location of food. You can start from the following points, such as home electrical appliances, bottles and jars, place the kitchen or bookcase is a good shooting location, to create a very rich picture, you can also find color-rich items, such as Red wine bottles, kettles, etc. ….. as to match, can get great results Oh!

Set aside some space for the photo to show a relaxed feeling. –
Do this interest in snacks, probably with the author fell in love with photography time is almost the same, so the album which has been put a lot of our own home for dessert photos? From the beginning of the hand record, and now racking their brains wobble, consider the light, shooting, the way since the screen changes are very large, one of the light is a very important factor. Because the beginning of the film, always use the home of the incandescent or yellow light, food is often a yellow or a piece of blue, it is difficult to look good and delicious snacks.
In addition to multi-shot more accumulated experience, the author also began to observe other people’s shooting techniques. See a housewife on the site to take pictures of life, her photos can be seen in advance to make enough preparations, including table cloths and groceries carefully arranged, there are painted walls, etc., in addition to , I also found her every photo is to use natural light to shoot. I also try to follow suit, and found gradually able to shoot the feeling I want, is the kind of a little over exposure is not perfect but full of life taste, a good use of natural light is the best secret to shoot a good snack.

Try to join the scene in life, such as reading books, with snacks, and use of related equipment to match, shoot up will not go against and feel, the screen will be a little bit harmony.
Because my heart has been holding the idea to give you, perhaps because of this idea, so I had the motivation to take a better photo. Sometimes photography really needs an idea and support.
The muffin is photographed against the light, although not very carefully muffin, but shoot a sweet, people want to eat atmosphere. You can try to use the afternoon slanting into the house of sunlight, so that dim sum is full of warm colors, although the low color temperature can restore the color of the food itself, but it seems that the atmosphere is less point, do not need too deliberately, depending on the color temperature To adjust the best, want to snack shoot their own flavor of life that you can try to use manual focus adjustment to EV +2, so that the screen appears a little out of focus and over exposure.
Applicable exposure control, white balance values, you can work points.
Of course, with the object is also quite important, in addition to using tablecloths can also try not with the light paint on the wood material, I think this is the most important part, because a lot of the recipes like to find that find good Of the wood table background is really good important, the color of the wood almost determines the overall picture, so looking for wood for a long time to find out about some of the hand shop but do not have a favorite choice appears, the last author is the IKEA kitchen utensils Find a piece of oak to do the board, so that food looks not only delicious but also very temperature.

In fact, only a few angles to take food can be, never absolute. He would like to put the object on the central shooting, first to a 90 degree banner composition, and then come to a 45 degree angle about the straight frame composition, and finally come to a plate on both sides of the side of the screen, which is the author is very Like the viewfinder angle. Find their favorite point of view, so the future of the shooting will not have trouble, similar to the abnormal composition of the author, always more attractive, after all, I love the same picture is a person.

Want to desert to shoot the hearts of life flavor, you can try to use manual focus transferred to EV +2, so that the screen has a little out of focus, over exposure, and do not have a flavor

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Image printed on canvas strong enough for you

Image printed on canvas strong enough for you

In fact, it is not difficult to get an answer, it has recently seen the chicken soup, canvas prints and you have seen the classic inspirational? And you did not feel after reading a cavity blood and boiling it.

Yes, that’s right! You feel that you’re alive, suddenly had a sense of presence, you have blood, as well as impulsive, and dream!

In fact, everyone has their personal canvas prints they want, everyone has his or her own yearning for the future, and we are after numerous inspirational and confused in the fast-paced world.

Search online, spare time to do something good, spare time to do something good girl, boy do something good spare time, spare time to do something good student, spare time …… there are so many people looking at spare time do something good?

Puzzling, why I feel so little spare time, why I do not know what else to do do well, why I read your success, but it has become another living person.

Walked found that heart has been exhausted, sinking heart very motivated to imitate too many young people, and for many years after that seemingly has never stopped us, or askew I’ve been trying, but this is not I want personalized canvas print!
The book says, the gap between your people and successful work in every post

Just in number five minutes or ten minutes, the man secretly beyond, then you may sit opposite, while holding a cell phone.

Each is just a casual night to see the success of cheap square canvas prints of people is quietly creeping forward, even crawling, indeed every day a little bit forward. And that night we also re-planning of life, found the target again, close your eyes seem to see the shining future, peace of mind to spend the night.

The next day the sun still drying ass, Do you remember last night of life planning it? Will use tonight to firm your faith, you will tell yourself, not ready, bedtime cheap photo to canvas prints voices : I finally have a goal, I started to work hard toward that better their own efforts, and that dazzling night you sleep at night you sleep a moment followed.

When you wake up one morning and found that with you once that person has been mediocre fly, he looked out. You have such a muttering it?

Chances are those who are prepared photos into canvas person. Maybe you’re just not prepared for the start.

Last year, reading a book is written by the young man in Xinjiang, he called Eric, that book called (you 8760 hours a year), if the picture into canvas is a little fancy Xinjiang counterattack fat into a high rich handsome to reach the pinnacle of life, open a bright future for the story, then is it really, when it is the result of people, processes, this fat guy one day finally could not stand myself, to see myself in this terrible truth, and he start up on their own cruel, fitness is a good choice, light sound enough fashion, enough sunlight, there is strength, to understand personal pictures on canvas, these labels are not accurate, real change yourself, change.

When you see yourself reborn, that face you do not know his heart when he is you and me, feel, and do not own a ruthless you never know exactly how strong.

Eric is very smart, he specializes in time management, and create their own time to the 8760 plan, so your day more efficient, if you are interested you can go check on Eli time management, and he really got us was shocked Eric English, you might be surprised at why so many turn your photos into canvas achievement in one person, he also powerful, kind of learn to take with him the urge to write all the methods in the book, not a cheat, in the information age has always been missing is the method, is now immediately give you a martial arts secret, you can do Hermitage forest it? If so, that after a few years of your heart must have shocked the world of faith, you have a person under Wan determination of people over, or you definitely there is nothing but waste paper in general.

Having said that, the heart is the most profound feelings photograph of canvas is now people lack conviction.

In my heart always think of a word: obsession there must be echoed. Somehow it does not fit in here together, and I think this sentence is a kind of adhering to their own inner convictions.

Insist on this word, have studied at a very young age, and I literally, that is strong. Sustained do something.

Often silently in my heart I will always adhere to the word when there is not the same thing sentiment.

Insists that things are not alone, I think it needs some outside force to support, each person may insist on printing photographs on canvas support forces are different, but necessarily, be painful, glory, was once, change, longing, is able to, is the heart it carries hope.

Also remember that no counter-attack into a classic movie yet (the Shawshank redemption) I wonder if you have seen it, the whole drama through a person’s faith, never stopped.

What you want in life, you know you really, really want sound?

Find a quiet afternoon, eyes closed, quietly photograph of canvas print to recall the past five years, there had been the target, can be there be been longing for, may have thought five years from now what it was like.

Are you also thinking to open a book quietly read on, but for various reasons, but read only half to nothing?

If you can see it posted a large pencil drawing of God, but also buy a set of tools, you have to tell everyone after the spare time to paint, I really liked, you cannot have the praise of others, I do not care canvas from photograph vision, continue to stick to it, it is what makes this a hobby dropped.

Are you in one day met a group of foreign friends, lack of hold for a long time or only Peixiao Ever since a few days you have fired off letters to write how many words back a few texts to find information on how much later, dreamed himself a few years later can speak fluent English, but also because of what is dropped.

Have you ever wondered, why not simply just like, this does not need to adhere to what you, not for the purpose, only to follow the original mind to keep going, remember Luo fat once said, do have a meaning things, carefully done, the waiting time wrapped canvas wall art gift.

I hope you can find a sleepless night in an own conscience, clearly understand who they want to be, no longer wandering in a variety of choices, not around them changes affect their emotions, you only wish the best for themselves.

In addition to faith, everyone insisted that everyone resist the temptation best photo to canvas company capacity is different, the strength of this ability comes from the prefrontal cortex of the brain, is a thing really exists, and may in reality exercise, as long as you are willing to change, you should appreciate this time to give you much more than you think you want.

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6 strokes shoot photography with a feeling

6 strokes shoot photography with a feeling

I want to shoot good photos, not the most important equipment, but can have a pair of good subjects to explore, more importantly, good light ‘photographic eye. ‘ To train a good photographic eye is not an overnight thing can be achieved, but also to practice before weekdays, and ‘photographic essay’ The theme allows you to easily exercise photographic eye, in fact, rare photography, will now be together See how to shoot it!

(A) the choice of equipment

Usually shooting big scene, the camera may take a large number of lenses, plus a bunch of equipment such as filters, tripod, cable release, etc., but focuses on training in photography eye ‘photographic essay’ to easily capture, hence do not pay attention to the camera lens, plus a non-reverse camera fixed focus or small DC, and even cell phones can be, so to dispense with a complicated set of equipment, and secondly also allows you to concentrate more on composition.

6 auction and issued feel skit photography

(B) Looking for light

One of the elements makes beautiful photo essay is looking for interesting lighting, capturing light photography has always been a fundamental, if you can ‘see’ an attractive light (or shadow) and shot down, a good work will be born up!
(Iii) closer to the subject, looking for details, highlight the subject

Pieces photography beautiful clouds did not focus or beautiful models, but pay attention to ‘detail’ and the meaning of the expression, even an ordinary street, or a piece of fallen leaves on the lawn, as long as you are close enough to find among the body, the use of photo tell them the story, the reader often can cause infinite fantasy!

(Iv) the use of color and contrast

Color contrast can make your photo to bring greater impact, both black and white (light and dark) contrast, backlight scattered light, or the focal point under the spotlights, also allows you to take a picture of a moving picture.
(V) Looking lines and geometric

In fact, all around us is full of lines and geometric patterns, as long as you can observe the different angles, can always find some interesting stuff!
(Vi) Use photo text or symbols

Do not ignore the photo-text or symbols to bring meaning here not talking about late add captions or watermarks, but in words or symbols really captured the moment appears, If thou let these words or symbols into the photo, will reinforce the photo story and appeal, an interesting essay on this work was born!

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Induced fantasy wall photo canvas

Induced fantasy wall photo canvas

Because suddenly you find yourself trying to write but have no idea who wrote, canvas prints nz some grieved, so also write to you.

In fact, in retrospect it seems a long, long time that I do not send a letter, and even received a letter back only polite words only a fragment, that I was not in the letter.

To tell the truth, I’m a little frustrated, rectangle acrylic prints perhaps because there is no write object, perhaps because the whole afternoon in the confusion himself sloshing, so I feel somewhat empty, from around your photo on canvas cheap also seems far away stand up. I overlook their time hanging from the air, they found a body without a soul.

I walked back and forth in the room. I even went to look around as to the balcony. Outside air is damp, looked downstairs canvas picture printing to pictures to canvas prints go. I still found myself unable to get rid of that tangle of my frustration.

Do you know? In fact, sometimes I would want to own, and another time I would find myself nothing, then I was in your opinion what is it?

Speaking earlier a kid, I remember a dream of their own often, no, no, it should be a fantasy. I imagine that he can steal the soul hidden in his body print pictures to canvas, and then secretly alerted to each print picture to canvas the idea, of course, do not get me wrong, I’m not the kind of family I would like to inquire about the privacy canvas prints pictures the canvas pictures prints, I just wanted to sense different from their own soul, my longing soul communication, which I was a secretive and exciting things, although I know I cannot do it.

It’s not amazing that reminds me of a kid myself. I was like a kid sitting by the window to see the picture printing canvas prints on canvas deals under the window to the strange girl. I do not even know exactly where it has a kind of fun, so that they can so bore. I often sit for an afternoon, or even to maintain the same position, there are canvas personalized prints when I see prints onto canvas, no one even when I stare at every day to see a hen stocking below. Watching the men walked up and down in the following, I always want to guess what it is another to see an occasional cock it?

Here, I want you to misunderstand me, you must think I am a very different type of girl, with a pale face, then and always hiding behind black hair. So you are really wrong, in fact, the outsider, so I was always a happy girl, always laughing.

Yes, I love to laugh, but that was in real life, on the Internet, they told you I was not a happy girl. I do not know exactly which one is the true to you, or I was a unification of the two.

Stretched, tomorrow is the weekend, two days vacation and wanted to sleep and filled my TV, and I actually quite bones exclusion TV, time-consuming, but cannot bring that stuff with anything. I hope to be able to put themselves to the design and reading, but my heart is always restless, I feel somewhat impetuous.

Perhaps this is due to his own hotheaded constant pursuit of the material world, it is so, so I do not actually play some despise myself. In fact, I have been eager he was not a vulgar photo printed onto canvas, at least not on the surface. I yearn for even standing in the crowd can also be found in an ordinary woman, of course, I do not mean the kind of outside the ordinary, I mean the soul, or the soul of an external which performed.

If some getting more and more away, I was so often think of B as A, B and then have thought C, and finally a large circle back to Rae A body, maybe it should be called chaotic thinking, just as numerous outside of the world.

But talking about the yearning for life and longing, I definitely will not be chaotic. I hope I can retire at 30 years old that year. In fact, I know a lot of girls have this idea, rather than me unique, often together with other girls talk about this topic for custom canvas wall art, we are surprised because coincide with each other at first widened eyes turn is excited laugh. Girls do not seem very easy to meet, even to each other because of minds will be so joyful.

Speaking of the girls, I want a few more nagging, frankly custom canvas art that I really enjoy doing the girls, if God let me choose my next life, I will still choose to be a girl, but the reason Thus, I think, because I really like to do girls wayward unreasonable exigencies can, of course, I mean the kind of cute custom large canvas prints capricious. Another point is that I think a girl cannot be so much pressure, that at least in my case.

I write to you, I looked up at the sky outside, very gloomy look, I’m afraid it came on rain. Summer is the season of heavy rains customized canvas wall art, God waited a year before finally waits until now, tentatively to vent about it.

Some air muffled, but I’d feel a lot easier, I think perhaps because with custom pictures on canvas tells you the reason, this feels good, I think in the future I will always write to you, but you willing to listen to my nagging did not end with it? You might consider furrowed brow, I actually do not laugh, do not know for what.

Well, today, right here, in fact, already off the work, so I keyboard voice in the empty office of extraordinarily harsh custom photo to canvas.

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