Five Tips for Shooting Cute Kids

Five Tips for Shooting Cute Kids

Five Tips for Shooting Cute Kids

Children are good subjects, but they are full of energy, like running around, the shooting is a challenge. This article will introduce you to some practical tips for shooting children to deal with these situations.

First, let the children stay in the corner

I found a good corner (my favorite brick wall) is very useful for shooting kids who like to run around – let them run nowhere. Of course, this can not prevent them from your legs ‘escape’, but usually this has been able to give me enough time to take pictures. When they run away, we will return to the corner.

Second, Ban enough

Let the child’s feet off the ground can give you a certain amount of time to shoot. But at most only 20 seconds. This is already a long enough time for a child, so be ready to shoot in advance. When we took this picture, we put him on a waste tire, temporarily left the ground. He was very satisfied with this thing, very fit to let me take a few photos.

Third, with a toy

Children are not interested in you, but all like toys. If you can prepare some popular toys, you have been on the road.
Fourth, do not let parents appear too much

I rarely take family photos. I only focus on small children. Have you noticed that in the cartoon baby dolls, although there will be parents, but never exposed above the knee part? This is done on the premise that your shooting height are maintained at the child’s level. I also like to deal with this, in some photos only appeared to guide her mother to walk the hand.

Five, shouting

I like the location. The left is the fence, the right is the woods, there is not much free space running around. I will let them run forward, at the appropriate time to shout their names, and wait for the little guy back to the moment. Let them play, when you feel about the same time, shouting their names. But can not do too much, if you call too many times, they will ignore you. According to my experience, the best chance is often only once, lucky, maybe twice

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