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Make good use of the sun to shoot professional photos

Make good use of the sun to shoot professional photos

Whether you’re shooting portraits, landscapes, canvas prints online nz or other subjects, sunlight is also a loving and hateful light, and while it is possible to give the subject plenty of light, its uncertain light direction (and intensity) is often a headache. How to make good use of the sun to shoot professional photos? Here are three methods, together for reference!

First, backlit shoot soft feeling
‘Backlit’ is the light source behind the main body, but the exposure is subject to the subject, shoot out of the photo background will be exposed, but the main exposure is normal, this can make the photo out of a soft feeling, if it is shooting portraits, More can be photographed from the side of the seepage, shiny golden effect! More backlit shooting techniques can refer to this and this article.

Second, shoot a silhouette
Like the first point of shooting settings, but the exposure is in the background (sky / sun) prevail, so if the subject with the background light difference is large enough, the main body will become a silhouette! Sometimes you can also deliberately dim the overall exposure (such as in the aperture priority mode using-EV method) to make the silhouette more prominent, there should be noted that the focus needs to fall on the main body. Silhouette profile can remain sharp.

Third, the use of flash or reflective plate fill light
If you want to take a clear subject and the background and maintain the correct exposure, you can try using the flash or reflector for the main fill light, so you can ‘best of both worlds’! Some students will be very worried about the flash will make the photo look very ‘false’, in fact, as long as the flash color using color paper or filter to adjust to the background color with the same light can, of course, can adjust their own efforts to make flash into the background Light can be a!

Fourth, some of the main points of shooting direct sunlight
1, auto focus may be invalid
As in a very dark environment, like shooting in the sun when the autofocus may fail, then you can first block the sun by hand, half-press the subject of re-composition, or direct use of manual focus can also be.

2, white balance may be affected
In the bright white balance may be affected, you can take a few sheets to adjust the white balance, or shoot RAW files to modify the white balance on the computer.

Make good use of the sun to shoot professional photos

3, do not shoot the sun for too long
For a long time to make the camera straight son, have the opportunity to damage the sensor, so do not let the camera for a long time toward the sun ah!

4, carefully consider the time of shooting
If you have time to plan your trip, consider the location and impact of the sun at different times, such as the sun at noon often in the head, will make people face the formation of ugly shadows; and the evening sun will be warm Color, camp into a special feeling.

5, the use of other ‘external light source’
the fill light does not have to use the flash, you can carefully watch other external light sources, such as water, glass, reflective, or street lights, flames of light, you can make your work more features!

6, after the system of magic
To balance the light difference between the sky and the subject, you can also use the same approach as HDR, is the same scene to take two photos in response to the background and the main different exposure, and then use software (such as Photoshop) together, of course, you can RAW File on the production of similar results

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