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Shooting delicious food photo


Turn over the recipe was dirty sauce, with the steps in the book, step by step to complete the delicious dishes, and then personally recorded through the camera down, uploaded to the micro-micro-blog and share cooking experience seems to have become a lot of modern One of the fun of life, of course, photography is one of the people Yujie, he and everyone to share with you how to shoot a Japanese air full of delicious food photo skills.

Our family often uses more leisure time to do more special dinner, because special, so often need to look at recipes to cook out, so compared to the general cuisine, need to spend more time, to the next effort More. After the hardships to complete the delicious dishes if not modified with the wobble plate to pick up the camera at random does not constitute a pity.
In fact, before the production industry is the most important, first of all first to find a place with natural light, the windows open, so that the sun overflows the entire space, where you become a dedicated studio, And then began to carefully decorate it!

Covered with tablecloths, put a wooden spoon full of natural sense of simple wooden fork, come up with a place for the most favorite place, complete the above steps, not far from the good-looking photos.
When taking photos, please try to use natural light, boldly rely on it! Because I used to rely on the window shot, so usually the light is from the nine o’clock direction into the room, often cooked in the evening when the sun is ready to go down, and the light becomes weak, then do not trust yourself too The stability of both hands, stand on the tripod it! As long as the screen do not shake, even if the overall picture looks dark does not matter, because each time the light changes can bring people a different feeling, but also because of this, the atmosphere of the dinner are different, photo content and emotion Are enriched a lot, but also closer to life.
In addition to using the cloth and background to create a studio can be used as a medium to create the overall atmosphere of imagination, in fact, the use of existing material will be able to make a whole visual experience. Simply put, is to use the entire home as a studio, the food with the background of the film, do not need to create, the use of ingenious composition can show a disorderly and orderly feeling.

Organic light can also shoot the texture of food.
Every room of the home light is different, there are dark and bright, so you can shoot a more diverse atmosphere, of course, is the location of food. You can start from the following points, such as home electrical appliances, bottles and jars, place the kitchen or bookcase is a good shooting location, to create a very rich picture, you can also find color-rich items, such as Red wine bottles, kettles, etc. ….. as to match, can get great results Oh!

Set aside some space for the photo to show a relaxed feeling. –www.fsbus.com
Do this interest in snacks, probably with the author fell in love with photography time is almost the same, so the album which has been put a lot of our own home for dessert photos? From the beginning of the hand record, and now racking their brains wobble, consider the light, shooting, the way since the screen changes are very large, one of the light is a very important factor. Because the beginning of the film, always use the home of the incandescent or yellow light, food is often a yellow or a piece of blue, it is difficult to look good and delicious snacks.
In addition to multi-shot more accumulated experience, the author also began to observe other people’s shooting techniques. See a housewife on the site to take pictures of life, her photos can be seen in advance to make enough preparations, including table cloths and groceries carefully arranged, there are painted walls, etc., in addition to , I also found her every photo is to use natural light to shoot. I also try to follow suit, and found gradually able to shoot the feeling I want, is the kind of a little over exposure is not perfect but full of life taste, a good use of natural light is the best secret to shoot a good snack.

Try to join the scene in life, such as reading books, with snacks, and use of related equipment to match, shoot up will not go against and feel, the screen will be a little bit harmony.
Because my heart has been holding the idea to give you, perhaps because of this idea, so I had the motivation to take a better photo. Sometimes photography really needs an idea and support.
The muffin is photographed against the light, although not very carefully muffin, but shoot a sweet, people want to eat atmosphere. You can try to use the afternoon slanting into the house of sunlight, so that dim sum is full of warm colors, although the low color temperature can restore the color of the food itself, but it seems that the atmosphere is less point, do not need too deliberately, depending on the color temperature To adjust the best, want to snack shoot their own flavor of life that you can try to use manual focus adjustment to EV +2, so that the screen appears a little out of focus and over exposure.
Applicable exposure control, white balance values, you can work points.
Of course, with the object is also quite important, in addition to using tablecloths can also try not with the light paint on the wood material, I think this is the most important part, because a lot of the recipes like to find that find good Of the wood table background is really good important, the color of the wood almost determines the overall picture, so looking for wood for a long time to find out about some of the hand shop but do not have a favorite choice appears, the last author is the IKEA kitchen utensils Find a piece of oak to do the board, so that food looks not only delicious but also very temperature.

In fact, only a few angles to take food can be, never absolute. He would like to put the object on the central shooting, first to a 90 degree banner composition, and then come to a 45 degree angle about the straight frame composition, and finally come to a plate on both sides of the side of the screen, which is the author is very Like the viewfinder angle. Find their favorite point of view, so the future of the shooting will not have trouble, similar to the abnormal composition of the author, always more attractive, after all, I love the same picture is a person.

Want to desert to shoot the hearts of life flavor, you can try to use manual focus transferred to EV +2, so that the screen has a little out of focus, over exposure, and do not have a flavor

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