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8 parts to shoot sexy girls

8 parts to shoot sexy girls

The beauty of the female body is photographers never tired of the shooting theme, but also a film extreme object. Excellent photographers can show beautiful women through the lens body, and ordinary photographers may not always take out the work of the ‘vulgar’ hat.
Emotional but not vulgar sexy photo how to shoot? These eight parts of the shooting skills you must not miss.

1, lips
The world has never been a lack of a good description of a woman’s lips: lips between the jade teeth, Ying Ying Ying Ying. Romantic love words lingering in the lips, the temptation of the infiltration of breath. Woman’s lips, sexy and charming.
Want to shoot a sexy lips, the note to make the mouth slightly when shooting, revealing vaguely in the red lips of the teeth. When necessary, you can add some props as a supplement, small pieces of fruit, delicate flowers, can bring out the lips attractive.

2, the mandible
Clear sense of the line so that the mandible became a photographer shooting characters preferred shooting point.
When shooting, it is best to raise his head, the one to avoid double chin, and secondly, to allow the mandibular lines and neck lines together, so that the overall look more smooth and natural. If the light is sufficient, the shadow of the mandible to the chin will make the photo look more mysterious and charming.

3, neck to the chest
Girls like thin, chest position can be regarded as the body’s most ‘skin paste bone’ position it! Flat and compact skin, looming ribs, this location provides us with endless imagination.
Shooting, the front and side shooting can be Da, but the front of the screen when shooting to pay attention to the blank, do not let the whole piece of skin full of the screen. If you want a more sexy and seductive effect, may wish to look at the sport before the shooting point of sweat, or spray water for artificial water droplets can get the same effect!

4, after the neck neck
After the neck is an elegant forbidden, usually always be blocked by a hair and not easy to be noted here, the United States. White slender neck full of sexy temptation, on this point, the beauty of women’s body has a thorough study of the Yamato national long to be certified with kimono. The whole body are wrapped in kimono, only exposed neck skin lines.
When shooting, just bow, so gentle pouring.

5, clavicle
How many girls are dreaming of a good collarbone, wearing a collar collar clothes, wearing a necklace, the beautiful clavicle suddenly enhance the elegance of the whole person. Moderate depth of the bone socket, clear straight lines, fresh and not greasy, no wonder some people say that the most sexy woman is the clavicle.
Shooting may wish to put some small flowers on the clavicle grass props for this clean sexy add a little tenderness.

6, half of the shoulder
Sleek lines of the United States, so that shoulders among the sexy body parts list, a large smooth skin also provides more creative space. Whether it is to let the light spilled, or is depicted in the above pattern, the shoulder will not let people down.
Shooting, the exposed part of the number will bring different effects. Nudity of the skin, of course, enough sexy, but barely exposed a small part of the skin, to retain the imagination, make photos look more temptation.

7, back
The back is rarely exposed in daily life, so keep the most new sense of life, whether it is the color of the skin, or skin texture.
When shooting, there are two directions, can harvest two different feelings of beauty. So back arch, to highlight the vertebral bone, showing the outline of the back; if the back straight to make it shrink, dorsal groove lines and the formation of the shadow to show the soft beauty of women.

8, hand
Everyone must not be around the lack of manual control. Slender white fingers can shape a different line shape, thin wrist in the looming hand bone pulling you.
Shooting, just let your fingers flexible enough to bring sexy

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