DIY photo of your watch

How to take a DIY photo of your watch

How to take a DIY photo of your watch
We shot in the first section of a single product, canvas prints nz based on a number of background props with creative photography. We will continue the first section of the clothing light ideas, with soft light to describe the texture of the product. However, this should change the background for the black, and add props. Follow the photographer to get started!

1. To see the light level, canvas prints online and is not the same on the one section? Yes. But because this section to include the background inside the screen, so the top of the soft paper size for large, to ensure that the screen products in the reflection of the band do not appear environmental Zangjing.

2. In the previous section on the front side to take care of the right side of the strip surface light, this time also with the location of the table changes and move.

3. But only the right side of the lamp cannot take care of the table. Why? Because the background floor has been replaced by black, black is a strong light-absorbing body, so no ambient light reflects the side edge of the table.

4. So, we add a white cardboard in the light shed, hook the edge.

5. To brighten the watch, the reflector must appear in the camera lens, but this is not an issue. We take two photos, the latter with the Mongolian version of the whiteboard to cover the background of the stone blocks to restore it.

6. The basic light is put in place.

7. Finally, the computer checks the light level, to see where the need for post-repair.

8. The first lens, the mirror to go through the screen. The second lens, not to help the screen. We will be the context of this one and a watch on the bottom of the synthesis. Only need to use a mask to erase the last of the reflector, the two will be combined into a seamless photo friends. This process takes only 5 to 10 seconds.

9. Now, we post-process the image. Of course, the steps before the analysis of photos, you will feel too bright dial, will feel a black belt is not beautiful. Right?

10. Please use the techniques we explained in the chapter on ‘Jewelry Photography’ to hook out the black tape, feather it, and then utilize the smearing tool to repair it. Then, Screen processing. I sincerely hope that he is a professional revisionist, then it will ‘draw’ a more delightful than here with the effect of light. At this time, you will figure out a lot of practice in peacetime how important. However, I have only 10 minutes here for you to demonstrate, because I have to modify a lot of text.

11. Finally, I hooked out the dial alone, with the curve tool pressure back, the picture is complete

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