shoot street blockbusters

How to use the shadow to shoot street blockbusters

How to use the shadow to shoot street blockbusters

In the landscape photography, it is very important to grasp the camera ‘golden moment’. In the streets, canvas prints but also has many golden moments, in fact, very much the golden time, at each time there are a lot of light and shadow material can be used. Today, we came to the streets, playing shadow games!
During that time, I used my own way to establish a unique connection with that bank …
Different seasons at what time there will be the most beautiful light, I recorded the footprints on the beach down.
Perhaps the footprints will disappear, but the memory is always retained.
Let me leave at night to go back and see it.
Love to take pictures of you may often in photography teaching book e read:
‘Some specific moments of the day are the best time to take pictures!’
There will be such a reason.
For the shooting of the friends, because those times when the light is full of drama, easy to take out the color saturation and all levels of photos.
The wandering in the streets of us, this time the light, like a street ghost are evoked the same, a variety of interesting shadows will appear at this time.

Like the running picture, I only put the shadow of the spectator on the screen e, instead of putting them in the composition, except that the posture of the runner becomes a shadow on the ground. In addition to trying to add a little taste to the picture, the intention is to imply that countless onlookers in real life, especially those who make sarcastic remarks, actually have a ghostly presence, and we can believe that they exist and fear themselves, or You can also listen to the story as a laugh.

Have heard the elders at home said: ‘Eat fruit to eat the season. This sentence? This sentence can actually be a little bit of it distorted, used in the streets. In each moment, we have to use that moment of light as the material creation, because each time the light quality is not the same, these photos to the photo texture to bring decisive differences. The picture below is about 1:00 noon shooting, when the light is the top, is definitely not recognized as a good time to take pictures, but this time a strong and hard light also can be represented on behalf of very strong, and not excessive The elongated shadow. So a little down the lens, along the light reflection can be a rich picture. This photo is very honored to get the collection of the United States Museum!

The same concept is also used in the back of the photo, this is the Kyoto afternoon shot, but it is not like the traditional Kyoto photos, full of retro and old taste, but the use of afternoon light strong light contrast to create Looks almost 2D screen. When taking pictures in one place, unless it is necessary to work, or do not need to care about the established image of a place, if you can take a great contrast with the established image of the image, but from a pile of similar photos which jumped out, People are impressed.

Shadow can also be how to use it? At this time we can also use the strong light to do some unique images. Afternoon of the urban areas, often some light naughty from the middle of the gap between the two buildings drilled, on both sides of the black, is a huge shadow of the floor. This time in fact, as long as the appropriate exposure to adjust the appropriate value, then only luck to lead a handsome vehicle through, or waiting for a play can appear!

The concept of shadow can also be used in buildings, such as the following photos: the eagle outside the room or escaped escalator by the sun exposure, in the original plain wall painted interesting patterns, which are in the streets very Wonderful moment, missed a pity.

Integrated above mentioned, want to have a strong light, must be in sunny sunshine is strong, the photographer himself must be familiar with the different seasons of light at different times, so that, just look at the weather, it You can know what direction to go along the street hunting, and will increase the number of good photos to take the opportunity.

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